I could be doing this

… but I’m not geeky enough. Sure I can put GoogleMaps on my Movable Type blog, but can I broadcast live from around town? Well … sure, especially with my Blackberry. But can I do it with video?
This guy can. He’s “Shakin Dave”. His website’s at ShakinDave.com, and he webcasts live as he walks around NYC.
Here is a list of all the equipment he uses to pull this off:

  • Tablet PC (Motion Computing)
  • EVDO card
  • Video glasses
  • Microphone
  • USB analog-to-digital video capture board
  • GPS receiver
  • Backpack

For software, he’s using Windows XP Tablet, Windows Media Encoder, VZAccess Manager, and a custom-written app that transmits the GPS data. He’s apparently applying for a patent for the broadcasting platform.
Now that’s geek-sheik.

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