Sunday Yard Work

Been helping R clean up the yard and getting things ready for Spring. The hostas and other plants are coming up like crazy, reminding me that this place will soon be overrun with vegetation in a month, unless I take steps now to control it. I’ve already got herbs and other plants growing wild in places they’re not meant to be — case in point: I’ve got oregano decorative sage growing in the middle of my lawn. It makes for some pretty nice-smelling ground cover, that’s for sure. I was able to take some pics this morning. I’ll try to get more up later:
These are the hostas that will soon grow to 4′ in width. Anybody want some of them?
We finally dug out all the white lattice trellises and replaced them with something definitely more cemetery-esque. I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like, crawling with vegetation.
R and the cats were rolling their eyes while I ran around taking pictures of everything.

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