Baconated Chocolate

On a sunny day some friends and I had ordered some bacon cheese burgers for lunch. After a couple of bites someone commented on how bacon was able to make an already delicious hamburger even more delicious. This started a conversation on the power of bacon in-which it was able to make everything it came in contact with taste better. Whether itâ..s a filet wrapped in bacon, bacon on salads, pizza, or sandwiches itâ..s always that much better with bacon. We wondered if it was possible that any other foods had this special property. Someone quickly identified chocolate as a food with similar complimentary properties. Chocolate covered pretzels, strawberries, nuts, just about everything tasted better covered in chocolate. If both bacon and chocolate can make other foods taste better, what would happen if someone was just crazy enough to combine chocolate and bacon?
Kevin’s Tech Ramblings: Chocolate Covered Bacon