Mother of All Paintball Guns

Now even us chubby paintballers can have the edge. Except people probably sneak up behind this guy an’ cap him execution style.
Introducing: Der Verteidiger – The Underground Forum
It is an incredibly fast and nimble machine that is carried into the field of battle by one man.
It has a compilation of 4 Tippmann A-5’s, in two gun systems, which are equipped with APE Rampage boarded E-Grips, gauged male Palmer’s Stabilizers and QEV’s assist in the maintainance of gas, and UMS 98/A5 Flatlines in custom shrouds round out the upgrades to the A-5’s.
The fire control system is comprised of single joystick triggers currently tied in parallel to the Rampaged E-grips on either gun system.
The propellent gas is stored in two 3 pound tanks, for a total of six pounds of gas, and is fed through twin remotes for each gun system directly into the Palmer’s Stabilizers.
The ammunition feed mechanism is built from 2.5″ wire/kevlar reinforced neoprene ducting that feeds the ammunition between the magazine and the cyclones .
The whole machine, while at first appearing bulky and very heavy seems to be very balanced and managable once it’s pilot is firmly mounted in it’s framework. The underslung gun system makes it aparantly very easy to move and change multiple firing positions.

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