Mr. Dressup to go off the air

The tickle trunk will be closed for the last time in September, as CBC officially retires Mr. Dressup.
Ernie Coombs with Casey and Finnegan â.. no more reruns for the much-loved show.
As of July 3, the show moves from every weekday at 11 a.m. to Sunday morning only and the last broadcast of the much-loved children’s show takes place Sept. 3.
The late Ernie Coombs began the show in 1967, delighting children with puppets Casey and Finnegan and a tickle trunk full of costumes and intriguing objects.
The last episode of the show was made in 1996 and it has been rerun ever since. Coombs died in 2001 of a stroke.
The gentle pace of the show may be falling out of favour with Canadian children. Ratings have been in decline, said Jeff Keay, CBC’s head of media relations.
CBC Arts: Mr. Dressup to go off the air