New York, Zurich, Toronto full of nice people

Torontonians have been mislabelled as the cold-hearted Canucks, and New Yorkers may have to trade their big-headed image for one of big hearts, a new study suggests.
According to a new Reader’s Digest study, New Yorkers now rank as the most courteous citizens in world, followed closely by the residents of Zurich, and then by Torontonians, who came in third.
Although the methodology may be drawn into question, the study purports to be the “world’s biggest real-life test of common courtesy.”
The magazine sent its reporters, half men and half women, to 35 different countries assessing their largest cities (Toronto and Montreal were the only Canadian cities to be ranked).
In each city, the reporters conducted three tests, which included walking into public buildings behind people to see if they would hold the door, buying small items from a store to see if they got help from the clerk and dropping a folder of sheets of paper to see if anyone would help them pick them up. : New Yorkers trade big heads for big hearts

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