We are all journalists now

The blossoming of citizen journalism stands as one of the Internet’s most exciting developments. With millions of bloggers, tens of millions of Internet posters, and hundreds of millions of readers, online news sources have radically reshaped the way we access our daily news.
The implications of the California decision are profound as they may change more than just journalism. The premise of press-specific legal protections is that journalists do more than just inform ? they keep our leaders and institutions accountable to the public. In order to persuade sources to reveal information hidden from view, they depend upon assurances of absolute confidentiality.
The California court examined the state of online journalism and found that it too deserves the legal protections crafted for the press.
In doing so, it has extended those protections to everyone, effectively stating that we can all play a role in keeping our leaders accountable. We are all journalists now.

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