Hangover Cure: Pepto-Bismol ice cream

Strange, it’s not working for me — in fact, it’s making me sicker.
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What a quandary! Obviously the girls canâ..t endorse my ice-cream adventure, but they wonâ..t give me any clues as to why itâ..s a bad idea either. Penny doesnâ..t have this information to hand, but P&G must have tested the theory, otherwise the warning on the website wouldnâ..t be there. What to do?
Eat it, of course! In my book, food without danger is like sex with a condom: it goes in the same entrance, but the experience is altogether less thrilling, less memorable, indeed less satisfying. I fetch the ice cream from the freezer, scoop out a chunk, and admire its pinky goodness.