Jesus Saves with a D20

Found this on I would totally buy it if I didn’t think people would confuse me with an X-tian.
Of course I played D&D when I was a kid. We played after school every Wednesday. We would take over one of the classrooms, normally used for the chess club. We were once even interviewed by CFPL for a piece about how D&D made children into Satanists. By then, we were playing ICE’s Rollmaster, and we made clever analogies about how reading Tolkien’s books must also cause Satanic behaviour. CFPL never used the footage because we weren’t interesting enough. We were just some nerds playing at a table with cans of Coke and bags Cheesies. We didn’t light candles and get dressed up in robes, and all that stupid shit. When they aired their mini-documentary, that’s exactly what they showed — children in robes with candles, knives … and dice.
Heh. Jesus saves, and takes half damage. Man, that takes me back.

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