No motherfucking snakes allowed on planes

NO SNAKES OF ANY KIND WILL BE PERMITTED ON A PLANE. SNAKES ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED IN CHECKED BAGGAGE. This includes all pythons, boas, rattlesnakes, vipers, mambas, adders, and other known species of snakes.
Exception: some limited amounts of snakes may be allowed if Samuel L. Jackson is traveling; licensed snake charmers are allowed to have snakes in their check in baggage only if the name on the snake charming license matches the one passengerâ..s ticket; people who’se name is Snake will be allowed on board but only after full body cavity search
– Snakes purchased in the sterile area must be consumed before boarding because they will not be permitted onboard the aircraft.
– Passengers traveling from the U.K. to the U.S. will be subject to a more extensive screening process.
TSA: Where We Stand

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