Protest and activism take many forms. Some people write their Congressperson… some initiate and sign petitions… some organize and participate in marches. Many donate their time, energy and hard-earned money. Many work toward fighting injustice by keeping others informed.
Others protest through humor, and by attempting to inject their political message into the popular culture â.. in hopes that popular opinion will begin to change or crystallize, and then result in more â..trueâ. activism, as described above.
FCCFU.com falls primarily into the latter category. But, because we understand how crucial the former category is, weâ..ve attempted to bring all of these elements together into one website.
Our dream is to spread our message through the Internet and the Mass Media; to have as many people as possible singing and sharing our song, proudly wearing the message on our merchandise… and taking the first crucial step toward that most American of all activities: political protest in the name of Free Speech.

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