Possible band name origins

Bands often have unusual names and here are the origins of some popular bands both past and present. One thing that you will discover if you look into this area is that RUMORS abound! If we cannot confirm an origin, we have given alternatives found in other sources. Some entries contain links to useful band information.
DAVID BOWIE – born David Jones, he changed his name to avoid confusion with David (Davy) Jones of THE MONKEES.
THE CULT – Goth/Rock band ‘The Cult’ were once known as ‘The Sudden Death Cult’, then
shortened to ‘Death Cult’, then finally just ‘The Cult’.
GOO GOO DOLLS – used to be called the Sex Maggots, and when they were told that local newspapers wouldn’t print that name, Jonny Rzeznik picked up a magazine from the early 60’s with an ad for a doll that cried Goo Goo when you turned it upside down.
Rock Band Name Origins at WHAT’S-IN-A-NAME

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