Recreating â..A Christmas Storyâ..

If Denny Renz were a boy again, he said, he would love nothing more than to re-enact Ralphie Parkerâ..s childhood.
Brian Jones, with a Red Ryder air rifle, started a business that sold the leg lamp made famous in â..A Christmas Story.â.
He would crawl under the kitchen sink the way Ralphieâ..s brother, Randy, did to hide from Mr. Parker, their father in the 1983 movie â..A Christmas Story.â. He would swing from the tree in the backyard, he said, dodging imaginary BBs fired from Ralphieâ..s coveted â..official Red Ryder 200-shot carbine action range model air rifle.â.
â..Iâ never seen this house before, but itâ..s like I grew up here,â. said Mr. Renz, 62, who drove 103 miles from Fairview, Pa., to see the home here where exterior shots of â..A Christmas Storyâ. were filmed.
Recreating â..A Christmas Storyâ.. for Tourists in Cleveland – New York Times