Problems with DSL *again*

â.¦ and yet another new DSL modem to try to fix the problem. This makes 5 DSL modems in 5 years, and I’ve still got three leftovers sitting around the place. I’m beginning to think these things have succumbed to static shocks, or power surges, or … something. This also makes 5 DSL routers in 5 years as well. Well, technically, I have owned that many, but the D-Link is still chugging away after what I thought was a botched firmware upgrade (heh, my bad — I went from one subnet back to the default setting).
R’s getting a little fed up with the whole on-again off-again DSL relationship, and has been suggesting we do something drastic, though she didn’t give me an example of what “drastic” was. I was thinking a burstable T1 fibre channel, but that’s about a grand a month… I was thinking maybe getting a second phone line (about $20/month), and seeing if they’d let me run the same DSL account on it. Then I could get me one of these … a Hotbrick LB2-VPN SOHO 4-Port Dual WAN VPN Router ($420).
Redundant DSL. Not too shabby.