Spelunking in the tailrace tunnel of Niagara

Behind the raging horseshoe falls of Niagara there lurks a dormant monster, a century old redbrick tunnel painstakingly laid. There is no recorded tally of its human cost but in 1906 it would be the biggest tunnel of its type in the world. Like the secret hideout of a supervillain it defies belief and comprehension, a stronghold behind the crashing waterfall. To rappel through the treacherous bowels of a decrepit powerstation is the single entrance.
With great confidence the three foreigners converged upon Niagara Falls wherein they sought adventure and challenge of the highest caliber. Their hearts brimmed with equal measures of excitement and anxiousness in attempting what less than a fistful before them had achieved. Thus it was scribed: the unabridged tale of how JonDoe, Stoop and dsankt laid their bold plans to conquer the mighty Confluence, infamous tailrace tunnel of Niagara.
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