Debbie Schlussel might become a Muslim terrorist

From Pharyngula:
Really, I don’t read Debbie Schlussel’s blogâ..a reader sent me a link, so I put on the waders and gas mask and climbed down into the sewer. I’m now completely baffled; why is this insane and deeply stupid person ever put on television? Her response to the CNN complaints is illustrative, and even if you sympathize with her, you’ve got to recognized the big picture here: she’s not very bright.
We can start with her research skills. That video is all over the web. I linked to it, it’s on youtube, Richard Dawkins put it up, it’s darned easy to find. Her excuse is that she searched for “Debbie Schlussel”, and nobody had tagged it with her name. Vanity is no excuse, Ms Schlussel. You can’t simultaneously claim that everyone’s criticisms were about attacking you, yet nobody bothered to tag their complaints about CNN’s bias with your name.
Pharyngula: Debbie Schlussel might become a Muslim terrorist any day now

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