Paula Zahn Now: on Atheism

Karen Hunter doesn’t seem to realize that no one “imposes” on her right to want to have prayer in schools, to want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, to want to honor her god. Furthermore, no one “imposes” on her right to pray in school, to say the Pledge of Allegiance, or to honor her god. All that has changed is that the state cannot endorse, promote, or encourage her in doing any of this. Does Karen Hunter, professor of journalism, really think that her religious liberty depends on the government actively helping, encouraging, and endorsing her religious rituals? That’s nonsense.

Debbie Schlussel agrees with Karen Hunter’s bigoted statements 100%, then proceeds to add even more bigotry on top of it: atheists are the ones who are “intolerant” against and “discriminating” against Christians. How so few atheists could be the source of so much intolerance and discrimination against so many Christians is completely inexplicable â.. but then again, Christians used to make the similar allegations against small communities of Jews. How ironic that Debbie Schlussel, herself a Jew, is so willing to repeat accusations against atheists that were once made against her ancestors.

Stephen Smith demonstrates that a Christian who disagrees with atheists is more than capable of recognizing that atheists shouldn’t be treated as if they inferior and unequal. On a panel with two Christians and one Jew, only one Christian was willing to say that atheists should have the same rights and privileges as religious theists. Only Stephen Smith was willing to say that atheists should not have to shut up â.. that even if he disagrees with what they are saying, he’s not going to go along with telling them to just keep quiet and stop bothering others.
Paula Zahn Now: Karen Hunter, Debbie Schlussel, Stephen A. Smith on Atheism

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