The Reel Banditos

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Location: Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Genre: Hip-Trip-Rock’n’Roll

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Biography: Producer Nesto and multi instrumentalist Butch met while recording together in Hamburg, Germany. As they Shared a common interest for electronic music they both decided to hook up and started to create a style of music they now call HipTrip-Rock’n’Roll, (a fusion of Electronica, Rock, Pop, experimental music and cinematic themes). During the recording sessions singers Talia Or, Honey Rhider, Hannah Thomas and Katherie Jouveraux dropped by and guested as vocalists to give the tracks that extra flavour. As the production of their debut album Raspberry Ripples progressed it became clear that their music and personas needed an image and they decided to give the whole project it’s own theme. They created the the fictional figures Nesto and Butch, known as the The Reel Banditos.