a Crack in Time and the Break of Dawn

Very cool experimental music improv and visual art. I am very impressed with the concept of a “virtual album”, especially when it incorporates video and audio. Crack in Time’s got a pretty trippy philosophy going on. They ask some questions better left for Friday nights with Kava Kava tea:

How fast is the grip of time(in our exsitence)?
Are we running away from the past and craving for the future?
When is the time to stop?
What do you have
that does not disappear
when you do?

On the 19. of August 2005 a group of artists and musicians gathered with the purpose of creating a virtual album based on improvised experimental music and visual art.
The ‘Crack in Time – Virtual Album’ has become a 1 hour long journey in music and film through the highlights of the unforgettable event that took place on a summer-weekend in the deep woods of Norway.
It is now available live online! For the symbolic sum of just 1$ you can experience this spectacular event from your own living room in full-screen format.
You can see them at http://www.crackintime.com/

musicsubmit_buy_now.gif(Music Promotion via MusicSubmit.com)

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