Why CD Sales Are Tanking

Or “why are people stealing music instead of buying it.”
Lefsetz Letter – Blog Archive – Why CD Sales Are Tanking
4. People Donâ..t Know What To Buy
Despite the rags and blogs, music is just not a general topic of conversation amongst the public now. Oh sure, young â..uns are still music passionate. But too often the music is just the grease, what you dance to, make love to. As for the oldsters, theyâ..re positively lost. They want to buy, but they donâ..t know WHAT to buy.
You used to trust the deejay.
For a minute there you trusted Starbucks.
Until thereâ..s a trusted outlet with some mass and momentum, music sales will remain in the dumper. Rather than wine and dine programmers, labels should develop and support new gatekeepers. Who tell people what to buy!