Time’s Asshattery

What kind of asshattery is Time Magazine up to? Richard Dawkins gets listed in the “Time 100”. You know, the list of the “100 men and women whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world”. But, get this — they get Michael Behe to do the writeup for him. Michael Behe? The ID guy? Not even competent enough to be Dawkins’ arch-nemesis? The guy who, through his power, talent, and moral example, is attempting to undermine America’s scientific educational standards? Why pick this guy at all? Why not pick a real scientist, or someone who at least truly admires Dawkins? They don’t have to like him, but this is as big a slap in the face as having no atheists represented on “Paula Zahn Now: on Atheism”.
The best Behe can do is a measly 3 paragraphs, written like this:
“Dawkins had a mild Anglican youth but at 16 discovered Charles Darwin and believed he’d found a pearl of great price. I believe his new book follows much less from his data than from his premises, and yet I admire his determination. Concerning the big questions, the Bible advises us to be hot or cold but not lukewarm. Whatever the merit of his ideas, Richard Dawkins is not lukewarm.”
Richard Dawkins – The TIME 100 | TIME

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