Update to Movable Type Spam Filtering

All recent versions of Movable Type include a number of plugins for blocking spam, including a set of plugins called SpamLookup. We wanted to update you about a third-party service thatâ..s affected the performance of one of the plugins, along with some easy steps you can take to fix the issue.
Recently, an IP blacklist service known as Blitzed ceased its operations. Movable Typeâ..s SpamLookup plugin uses this service to process incoming comments and TrackBacks to determine if they are spam or not. With Blitzed shut down, a lot of you might be experiencing delays when publishing your readersâ.. comments.
Though weâ..re sorry to see Blitzed go (and thank the team for their efforts), the good news is that a free replacement is available. The SpamHaus Project has been in operation for over 9 years and has a long track record of providing excellent protection against known spammers. In addition to their technology that they allow people to use for free, Spamhaus works with Law Enforcement and cyber-crimes teams worldwide, helping them not only to block these miscreants, but also to bring them to justice.
Six Apart – Movable Type News – Important Update to Your Spam Filtering

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