Movable Type Open Source Project

W00t! Welcome to MTOS: the Movable Type Open Source Project
What is the Movable Type Open Source project?
Movable Type Open Source, or MTOS, is the open source project that will consist of a GPL-licensed version of Movable Type 4.0, to be released in Q3 2007, and resources for the already large community of Movable Type developers, hosted at
Why an open source option?
It’s simple: our customers and our community have asked for an open source version of Movable Type. Many customers and developers in the Movable Type community were looking for a version of Movable Type that they were free to modify for their own needs. Additionally, there are community members who are looking to bundle an open source distribution of Movable Type with other open source products. We have been considering this option for some time but decided to base MTOS on the MT4 line, which is why this announcement coincides with MT4.
Why now?
We felt the perfect time was with the introduction of Movable Type 4, which is the culmination of more person years of development than any other release of Movable Type as well as the future of the Movable Type platform.

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