100 Best “Blogs”

Aside from the stupidity of claiming their own blog on the “Top 100 list”, these guys are stretching the definition of “blog” to the limits. Multiple authors, news sites, feeds for news sites, online columns by reporters — these are not blogs, at least not in the traditional sense. There’s nothing personal about any of them. Sure, by this definition, the MissingLinks page is not a “blog”, and I agree. It’s a links page, with rare commentary, and multiple authors who post bookmarks of pages they thought were interesting.
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In compiling our list, we realized that reasonable men and women may disagree on the definition of a blog. For example, we quickly discarded the notion that a blog must be the work of an individual: Some of the best, including, and we hope you’ll agree, our own Today @ PC World, are the work of many people. But we all agreed that a good blog has at least some element of voice: The people who write it express an opinion in the words they write and the images they include.