Are you going to get an iPhone?

Interesting perspective. Also, this is the first I’ve heard of the OpenMoko project.
Think Thick: Are you going to get an iPhone?

iPods bring me to apple’s historical weak spot: hardware. Apple’s infamous for selling crappy hardware. I’ve heard stories of Macbooks falling apart at the seams, iPod nanos getting scratched, even the mighty mouse having issues. Honestly, I cannot complain personally about apple produced hardware. I own a 3 year old iPod mini, and it runs fine. I own 2 mighty mice, one Bluetooth and one corded, and they run like they are expected to run. My wife has a Macbook, and except for a gray screen of death the other day, she loves it, and after a few months it is still in (almost) mint condition. So even though I cannot argue against apple’s hardware quality from personal experience, I really do not think that all of the stories I’ve heard are made up. Finally, the main reason why I am not getting an iPhone is because I have my eyes set on another beauty. I have to admit that I have become addicted to open source software. I cannot live any more without the freedom that open source has brought to my experience with technology.

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