Rated G – for fucking

A guy can’t catch a break around here. I was trying deliberately to see what kind of rating I would get for the MissingLinks page, in particular for an entry about the so-called “Net Authority“, a spoof of X-tian Internet morality sites. It’s so good, people might actually think it’s a real right-wing X-tian website. They claim that interracial relationships consitute “bestiality“, and think that websites with baby pictures on them (all websites with baby pictures on them) are obscene.
In any case, I was curious about the “What’s My Blog Rated” page on Mingle2.com, curious to see how the rating algorithm worked. Apparently, using the work “fuck” doesn’t lift you up from a “G” rating. And “bestiality” doesn’t even register:
As a litmus test, I ran StileProject through it, and it did register — boy did it register:
Try it out. See how edgy your blog (or any website) is.

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