CRTC Releases Do-Not-Call Registry Rules

Well, it’s about time. Where do I sign up?
Michael Geist – CRTC Releases Do-Not-Call Registry Rules

Some of the key points in the just-released rules:

  • Canadians will be able to register their number by phone, fax, or online (up to three numbers on the Web)
  • there will be a 31 day grace period for organizations to implement a do-not-call request
  • the CRTC rejected a request from the financial services industry to include a new exception for personal referrals
  • all exempted organizations (political parties, pollsters, newspapers, charities, businesses with prior relationship) will be required to maintain their own do-not-call registries
  • there will be no cost to register phone numbers on the registry. The registry will instead be funded by requiring telemarketers to pay a subscription fee to ensure they have a “clean” list
  • Canadians can register on their own or select someone to add their number on their behalf
  • there will be a renewal requirement every three years for registered numbers
  • organizations can still contact a number registered on the do-not-call list if the person has provided their express consent to do so
  • telemarketers will be prohibited from sharing the do-not-call list with others
  • Canadians must file complaints within 14 days
  • there are no penalties on Canadians for making a false complaint about a do-not-call registry violation
  • the CRTC will make violations public
  • the phone companies have been ordered to raise public awareness about how Canadians can register their numbers on the do-not-call registry

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