‘Transformers’ Movie Review

And apparently a backhanded review of Michael Bay. Not that he doesn’t deserve it.
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Maybe it’s the critical mauling he’s endured through the years, or maybe it was the “Team America” lyrical lashing that made him double think his love of super slow-motion explosions and close-ups of Ben Affleck’s five o’clock shadow. Or maybe, it’s an ironic parallel to Bay’s favorite big screen upshot â.. and the world is actually coming to an end.
“Transformers'” robot thespians are better actors than the cast of “Armageddon.” And also, sadly, “Transformers” is also probably more historically accurate than “Pearl Harbor.” Both are previous bloated Bay efforts, as are “The Island” and both “Bad Boys.” In fact, for 90 minutes “Transformers” is a sublime summer blockbuster exceeding even the most optimistic expectations.