What’s the deal with Vader and Boba Fett?

Hey, yeah! Quit messing with my head, Lucas!
Todd Alcott – The Empire Strikes Back, and I have a question

Does Vader have a sentimental streak for bounty hunters, a romantic ideal, does he think of them as kinds of intergalactic pirates? Did young Anakin Skywalker dream of one day becoming a bounty hunter, did he lie awake at night reading tales of brave, reckless bounty hunters, with a flashlight under his covers after his mother Shmi turned out the lights? On the bridge of his Star Destroyer, under his glossy black helmet, is he secretly thinking “Bounty hunters! Holy freaking shit, I’m in the same room as bounty hunters!” his scarred, deformed heart pounding like a triphammer within its cybernetic ribcage.

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As the Number Two guy in the Empire, whiling away the months at sea on a Star Destroyer, his disfigurement hampering his ladykilling abilities even on the off chance they pull into a friendly port, you have to figure Darth goes to bed each night ‘neath a blanket of compliant, obedient young stormtroopers. Stormtroopers who all look like Boba Fett underneath their masks, because they’re all clones of the same guy. But he’s bored with them; their constant subservience, their workman-like blow jobs, and the awful sterility of their starched plastic uniforms.

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