Sharpest Ever Space Pictures Taken

Cool pictures. They’re replacing the Hubble with a newer telescope. I wonder how it will do compared to this…
Photo in the News: Sharpest Ever Space Pictures Taken

Astronomers have put a high-tech spin on an old technique known as “lucky imaging” to capture some of the sharpest ever shots of galaxies, stars, and nebulas.
The new pictures were taken using a ground-based camera at Palomar Observatory in Californiaâ a cost of just 50 thousandth that of images from the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope, say researchers from the University of Cambridge in England and the California Institute of Technology.
Previous Palomar snapshots of the Cat’s Eye Nebula, the planetary nebula seen above, were about ten times less detailed than Hubble’s pictures (left). But after using the lucky imaging process, that resolution increased twentyfold, allowing the experts to pick out details separated by distances of only a few light-hours.