“Dumbledore is not Gay!”

Dude. Chill out, OK? And what’s all this about Harry Potter being an X-tian story?
Dumbledore is not Gay: Taking Stories More Seriously than the Author | The Scriptorium Daily: Middlebrow

No offense to an excellent author, but Dumbledore no longer belongs only to Rowling. He also belongs to her readers who have been given a series of books in which Rowling was free to say what she wanted to say. She wrote about Christianity openly by Book Seven, but if Dumbledore was gay, she decided to hide it. She hid it so well that there is no evidence of it.
At this point it is too late for Rowling to change the text. She cannot decide to kill Harry now . . . or announce that Harry is actually a vampire, a member of the Tory party, or antidisestablishmentarian. She wrote what she wrote and now it belongs to us.