Eight Most Fattening Foods of Fall

I was just going to skim over this article, but it has an entry for Turducken. If this isn’t an indicator that Americans are fattening up, I don’t know what is. Suddenly, turkey isn’t good enough anymore — we have to stuff it with two other birds as well.
The Eight Most Fattening Foods of Fall – To Your Health – MSNBC.com

8. Turducken
This combo wonderbird is a trendy entree you might want to forgo. It contains turkey, duck and chicken wrapped together for a new twist on the usual Thanksgiving meal. In terms of your diet, that twist may be for the worse: one serving of Turducken has 749 calories and 34.5 grams of fat. Try limiting yourself to one bird and skip the crispy skin. A three-ounce serving of skinless turkey has 130 calories.

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