ISPCon 2

Spent the better part of this morning walking along West San Carlos St., trying to find a camera store. I was thinking this would be the best time to pick up a new Sigma lens (a cute little Sigma Normal 30mm F/1.4) which normally runs over $400 at Henry’s in Waterloo. Walked something like 2 miles west of the hotel only to find said camera store was no longer there. I did find several auto-body repair shops, a couple of pornography stores, and a great little Ethiopian restaurant. It’s true that no one bothers to walk anywhere in San Jose, but there’s precious little in-between metropolitan centres.
I didn’t find the lens I was looking for, and instead settled on a much, much cheaper Canon EF 28mm F/2.8. Also, I picked up a cheap Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera. A classic.
Apparently they’re serving beer and wine at the opening of the convention, and there’s nothing worse than a bunch of drunk nerds (trust me on this one). There’s currently a party going on at the concourse level, and several people have moved into the bar/restaurant to watch the Cleveland-Boston game.
The hip, young, dynamic people from Google appear to be recruiting.

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