Waiting in a hotel lobby

Just sitting in the lobby of the San Jose Hilton, waiting for something to happen. Everything’s done, and I’m borrowing the wifi signal of the City Bar and Grill, where I just finished my breakfast. And at $15.95 for breakfast, I think I’m entitled to leech off their wifi for a few hours.
I’m deciding how to proceed at this point. I could catch a bus up to SF, where the next leg of my trip lies. Or, I could get a cab or a limo, but it all sounds pretty expensive. The other option is to get a series of shuttles: from the hotel to the San Jose airport, and then to the SFO airport, and cab it from there. Further checking suggests that this would be both expensive and time-consuming. My brother’s working today, otherwise, he’d drive down and pick me up directly. I don’t want to put him out, but it would be nice to see him early. Perhaps the best option is to rent a car for a day, then drop it off in SF and get a cab to my hotel.
I’m booked in at the Miyako, in Japan Town. Interesting coincidence: one of our partners lived in the Miyako when she was married to the owner. She says it’s a nice place, and I can’t wait to see it. Apparently I’ve booked a room with an extra deep tub for herbal baths. Going to give that a try the moment I get in.
With a generous application of Vicks NyQuil I’m doing much better this morning. The cold is gone, but my voice is still a little husky.
We had tickets to the Sharks-Red Wings game last night. I was rooting for the Red Wings, despite wearing the Sharks’ colours, and they ended up winning in a fairly exciting game. The Sharks crapped out by the third period, and ended up pulling their goalie for the final couple of minutes. The whole experience seemed a lot more visceral, and the fights (at least 3 fights in this game) were a lot more real; more vicious, and more contextually relevant. You saw retaliation for actions taken immediately earlier, and it made a lot more sense when you were present as a spectator.