Poor Kitty

Had a couple of tense moments on the weekend. China, my white cat, was acting strangely: well-behaved, quiet, no struggling when you pick her up, no begging at the table, etc. I figured something serious was wrong when she didn’t jump up and down on me while I was trying to sleep.
After a trip to the emergency vet (always on the weekend, this happens), we discussed the usual options for an old, failing pet: “How much money will we spend before it’s too much?”; “How much longer will we try to keep her alive?”; “What do we do after she’s gone?”; “Will the other cat be OK on her own?” These questions plagued us for the rest of the evening, and soured the mood of the weekend.
The answers, incidentally are this: “$2000 for any single hospitalization”; “long enough to make her comfortable”; “do without another pet for a while”; “the other cat hasn’t noticed her missing yet, so she should be OK.”
Luckily, the seriously competent vet was able to figure out what it was, and what it wasn’t. The blood work didn’t indicate a failing kidney or anything too bad. We got her to the regular vet this morning, and it turns out it was pancreatitis, something which strikes 1 in 4 cats. It’s not often known what causes it, and it may or may not reoccur. A little I.V., and some low fat food, and already she’s acting normal again.
Here’s a little picture of her stomping around the vet’s place. Click for a larger image.