Latest Otaku Fetish: One-eyed virginal maid mummies

Hell yeah. Anyone who’s seen “Crash” (1996) or “Amores Perros” (2000) knows that injured people are hot, hot, hot.
Latest Akihabara geek fetish? One-eyed virginal maid mummies – Mainichi Daily News

Japan’s otaku geeks have turned their attention away from eyeglasses and maids to focus on kegadoru — literally translated as “injured idols,” who are scantily clad pretty women wrapped in bandages and wearing eye patches, according to Weekly Playboy (9/3).
“The otaku industry is now focusing on kegadoru rather than the old staples of girls wearing glasses or surgical masks,” Takabo, who calls himself an otaku idol researcher, tells Weekly Playboy.
Nonoko, who works at a popular maid cafe in Tokyo’s geek sanctuary Akihabara, agrees.
“Girls who get decked out in Amaloli (cute, pink or white frilly ‘Lolita’-style outfits) have started covering themselves in bandages and wearing eye patches,” she says. “Many of the men who come to Akihabara often compliment us on how good our bandages look, or how cute they are. For girls hanging out in Akihabara, bandages and eye patches have become a must-have fashion item.”