BJ Davis “press release” against reviewer

Someone left the exact same “press release” in a comment on my post about this issue. Looks like either G.R. Conley’s doing a really extensive hoax (for what purpose?) or the Davises are trying to do damage control on a viral blogosphere meme. Or, someone is impersonating the Davises in order to drag on this funny business. I say, <fingerquotes>forget about it </fingerquotes>, already.
Hilarious press release from the Davisâ..s

Not that this matters because the story is clearly no longer a hot topic, if it even ever was one, but Iâ..m going to respond to every attack made on me by BJ Davis, Julia Davis, and anyone else concerned with the case for as long as I have to. Iâ..m not going to back down from someone who, in my opinion, is a 57-year-old bully.
This â releaseâ. was posted tonight on IMDb and my BJ Davis vs. Me post. I donâ..t know if it was written by BJ Davis, but since heâ..s quoted in it, as are the e-mails I sent to him, you can draw your own assumptions.