Guy gets “sued” over bad review

Or rather, gets threatened by the director and writer and is issued a DMCA takedown notice. It may be a cheap publicity stunt by the filmmaker, but the whininess looks legit.
BJ Davis vs. Me â.. Two Days Later – Your Video Store Shelf

This sure has been an interesting two and a half days. As I begin to write this itâ..s about 5:30 AM Eastern on Monday night going into Tuesday morning. I feel that I should give a rundown of what happened from my side of things, along with some history on what appears to have led to this whole deal. Every fact in this article is backed up by documentation, and my opinions are just that â.. opinions. Comments are open on this post to anything but derogatory remarks.
Before I begin, since I know there are only going to be a few people with the patience to read this in full, let me point out that Forget About It is not a horrible movie. In my opinion it is unfunny and forgettable, or at least it was forgettable before all this happened. Itâ..s not a Uwe Boll movie by any stretch of the imagination. Please remember that while BJ Davis may still stand to profit from the film (Iâ..m not sure of this answer), there are other people who are completely innocent in this ordeal that may end up suffering as a result of the negative publicity created by the threats Iâ received. The people at Big Screen Entertainment Group, as this article explains, appear guilty of nothing more than having a name that makes me laugh. They have been in court with Mr. Davis multiple times over the past several years and have been nothing but helpful in trying to get this mess sorted out. If you want to support them without renting Forget About It, feel free to buy stock in their company. Itâ..s at 7 cents a share as I type this so even I can afford it.