Cool, low key New Year’s party

So we had planned a quiet New Year’s Eve this year — we’d just gotten back from Mexico and were quietly unpacking, with a house guest in the basement. We were in no shape to either attend or host a party. We hadn’t even cleaned up.
Then I remembered I’d casually invited several people during one of the office X-mas parties, and word got around. I bought a little extra cheese, just in case one or two people stopped by, but didn’t even get any beer.
Around 5pm we got a Messenger notification that a couple of friends would show up, so we de-cluttered the place a little. Then a few more friends showed, and by 11:30 we had 10 people gathered around the basement bar, with progressive house on the sound system. Our first guest was a DJ friend who (thankfully) left all his equipment at home, but brought his mixes on iPod. Side note: we’re looking at doing some kind of mid-winter party with him spinning.
Terrific little party, with almost no preparation at all. The party was entirely contained to the basement room, with the participation of our house guest (and house-sitter while we were out — double thanks).
And it continued well into the night. I wasn’t in bed until almost 5:00am.

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