10 Ways to Truly F**k Up Valentineâ..s Day

Excellent set of guidelines to help you through another tricky V-day.
Topless Robot – 10 Ways to Truly F**k Up Valentineâ..s Day

8) The Gentlemanâ..s Special
Want to fuck up Valentineâ..s Day in a more avant garde manner? Then go through an entirely regular but romantic evening, complete with dinner, a movie, etc. If all goes well, youâ..ll be rewarded with the traditional manâ..s V-Day gift, sex. Immediately after coitus, get out of bed, go to her purse, empty all the cash, then leave through the bedroom window. Donâ..t respond to any of her questions, and donâ..t stop to put on your clothes, The Valentineâ..s Day will end abruptly with her broke, confused and very possibly sticky.

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