Harsh Realm DVD review

Excellent review of the Harsh Realm TV series by Chris Carter. I had such high hopes for this show, and was kinda disappointed with it, though it still holds a place on my shelf.
DVD Times – Harsh Realm: the Complete Series

In this world most of the people are not real at all, but instead virtual characters, no more alive than Duke Nukem or Lara Croft. And this brings about one of the fundamental flaws in the series â.. we are expected to care about these people, and be concerned about their safety. Hobbes certainly is, risking his life again and again to protect what are, in actuality, little more than lines of computer code, and this insistence becomes more and more tiresome as the series wears on. In one episode he nearly throws away everything to save the life of the computerised version of his dead dog while in another he gets all hot and bothered over a digital version of his bride-to-be, a version that doesnâ..t even know who he is. This isnâ..t heroism or a display of humanity, itâ..s just daft, and, far from being a person you would wish to follow as a potential saviour, heâ..s someone you want to grab by the neck, shake firmly and hiss â..What the hell do you think youâ..re doing? Theyâ..re not real!â.

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