Laurier Freethought Alliance – new WLU club

I heard about this, but didn’t blog about it (despite living only about 3km from campus). The LFA’s club application letter was a little rough, and needed to be re-written. Besides, WLU’s done a lot of boneheaded things in the past, so this wasn’t the least bit surprising. Remember the thing in 2006, when a number of students decided to dress up in blackface for the winter carnival, with upside-down KFC buckets on their heads?
As far as universities go in Waterloo, WLU’s considered “the other university”.
Ah, I kid, Laurier’s a fine institution.
Laurier Freethought Alliance to receive full Campus Clubs recognition by weekâ..s end – The Frame Problem

After a firestorm of freethought blogging, a barrage of angry emails, a stirred up Wilfrid Laurier University Student Union (WLUSU) executive board and university administration, and the clarification of some miscommunications between the Laurier Freethought Alliance (LFA) and the WLUSU, the WLUSU has agreed to grant the LFA campus club status pending the addition of statements to the LFA club description indicating that the club will be tolerant and inclusive of all groups on campus. Recall that late last week the LFA application for club status had been denied (though with invitation for application modification and resubmission). Congratulations to Tyler Handley, Anatoly Venovcev, and the LFA for becoming the first recognized freethought/nontheist student group at WLU!