Sheridan locked down after report of gunman

A guy carrying a tripod or easel around in an arts college? Alert the media. Ok, I know it’s happened here before, but it sounds like we’re overdoing it a little in the fear and panic department. Sheridan locked down after report of gunman

When Halton police received a call about a man possibly clutching a long-barrelled gun while walking through the halls of Sheridan College yesterday, officers immediately switched into crisis mode.
Nearly three hours later, the campus was deemed safe and all buildings had been cleared, police said. No one was injured, and no arrests were made. School and police officials reviewing video surveillance footage late yesterday afternoon spotted the man, whom a teacher and several students had seen carrying what looked like a gun and wearing a green camouflage jacket in two different buildings on campus. He had not been located last night.
“We could not determine that it was not a gun, so it certainly hasn’t been ruled out,” Sheridan president Robert Turner said in an interview.