UK Tourist Arrested in Dubai, Imprisoned Without Charges

Huh, and here I thought Dubai might be the new Thailand…
Press Release Regarding Cat-Luy : The Truth About Dubai

According to friends, Le-Huyâ..s decision to travel to Dubai came about after visiting the official tourist website of Dubaiâ..s Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTMC). The website is part of a larger campaign aimed at Western tourists and promotes Dubai as a safe and modern holiday destination. The DTMC aggressively advertises Dubai Tourism all over the world; as per their website, â..The marketing mix of DTCM-Dubai comprises of very strong, strategic placement of media campaigns in print, electronic and outdoor, which reaches the target audiencesâ.¦ the media vehicle, language and the creative are all tailor made to suit that market.â.
The government-created DTMC website, which advertises itself as an all-in-one tourist resource, fails to mention any of the new, strict laws that ensnare Western travelers in Dubaiâ..s prisons daily. One Dubai law states that trace amounts of drugs used before coming to Dubai in the travelerâ..s system count as â..drug possession,â. a crime punished with a four-year jail sentence. This includes legal, prescribed drugs for health conditions (examples include codeine and similar narcotic-like drugs prescribed for pain).
Although Cat Le-Huy tested negative for any drug use, he, like many other travelers, still fell victim to Dubaiâ..s harsh anti-drug policy and remains in jail under ambiguous circumstances.

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