Canadian leaders deny trying to interfere with U.S. election

Oh yeah, I can see Harper’s crew trying to fabricate a little conflict to get the Republicans back in power. I can’t see them being very good at it, but I can still see them trying.
Canadian leaders deny trying to interfere with U.S. election – International Herald Tribune

Canada’s conservative government Monday denied allegations it tried to influence the U.S election by leaking word of a meeting with Barack Obama’s senior economic adviser who allegedly told Canadian officials that Obama’s comments about the North American Free Trade Agreement were for political show.
In Ottawa, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper disputed the contention of his political opposition that his right-leaning government leaked word of the meeting to complicate Obama’s chances or to favor Republican Sen. John McCain, who strongly supports NAFTA.
Harper told Parliament he was amused by the suggestion “we are so all powerful that we could interfere in the American election and pick their president for them. This government doesn’t claim that kind of power. I certainly deny any allegation that this government has attempted to interfere in the American election.”