Dawkins reviews “Expelled”; expels it

It’s pretty much what you’d expect. PZ Meyers is kicked out; Dawkins gets in and kicks ass; the film is craptastic; Stein is boring; and Mathis is unscrupulous.
‘Lying for Jesus?’ by Richard Dawkins – RichardDawkins.net

Seemingly oblivious to the irony, Mathis instructed some uniformed goon to evict Myers while he was standing in line with his family to enter the theatre, and threaten him with arrest if he didn’t immediately leave the premises. Did it not occur to Mathis — what would occur any normally polite and reasonable person — that Myers, having played a leading role in the film, might have been welcomed as an honoured guest to watch it? Or, more cynically, did he not know that PZ is one of the country’s most popular bloggers, with a notoriously caustic wit, perfectly placed to set the whole internet roaring with delighted and mocking laughter? I long ago realised that Mathis was deceitful. I didn’t know he was a bungling incompetent.

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