Scientology, Florida

Crazy story about how Scientology tried (and possibly succeeded) to buy Clearwater, Fla.
Clearwater, Florida: The town Scientology bought – The Frame Problem

Decades ago, L. Ron Hubbard moved his Cult of Scientology into Clearwater, Florida. The plan, entitled Project Normandy, was to take over Clearwater. Documentation of this comprehensive operation – which included plans to infiltrate government and media organizations, and to identify and â..handleâ. enemies – was discovered in a 1977 FBI raid of Scientology headquarters.
Despite the discovery of Project Normandy, the cult has achieved notable success in carrying out this project. The cult has come to own a very generous proportion of the city, with the total value of owned property estimated at $40 million in 2000. Given the cultâ..s ambition to continue to expansion in Clearwater, I would be interested in knowing how much land they control now, 8 years later. Some have come to call Clearwater Scientologyâ..s town.

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