Toronto hits energy target

Well, this did what it was expected to, I guess, though I don’t think we actually saved a lot of resources in the long run. For that, every day should have an Earth Hour.
If the effect was to increase awareness, then that’s good. If it was to instill some good conservation habits in hydro users, that’s something we can’t really determine at this point.
If you’re a slob like myself, you should at least sign up with Bullfrog Power. This way, the more electricity you use, the more attention you can attract to alternate energy providers. That’s what I keep telling myself when I turn on another light. | Earth Hour | Toronto hits energy target

Toronto hit its energy reduction target during Earth Hour, as thousands of residents and businesses made a clear statement about climate change.
Just before 9 oâ..clock, the meter at the Toronto Hydro control centre hit a low of 2,738 megawatts – 5 per cent below the demand an hour earlier and about 8.7 per cent less than a typical late March Saturday night.

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