“Eating Local” Has Little Effect on Global Warming

Yes, but what does it say about eating at your local Denny’s?
“Eating Local” Has Little Effect on Warming, Study Says

On average, food racks up about 1,000 food miles (or 1,650 “food kilometers”) traveling from farms to processing or packaging plants before reaching Americans’ dinner plates, the study estimates.
The whole supply chainâ..including delivering grains to feed cattle and delivering fuel to farms, for exampleâ..adds another 4,200 miles (6,750 kilometers).
Yet all that shipping, driving, and flying accounts for only a sliver of foods’ climate impactâ..just 11 percent of the totalâ..compared with the impact from producing the food itself, the study showed.

One Response to ““Eating Local” Has Little Effect on Global Warming

  • 11% is a “sliver.” What school did these guys go to?
    11% of something-something-billion is still going to be a measurable amount.
    And since fuel costs are not static, and the general trend is for increases year-over-year, this 11% will represent larger and larger actual costs potentially added to the price of your food.
    Anyway, as suggested in the article, buying local is not just about transportation costs.
    Some “study.”