Yahoo! Fire Eagle for Movable Type

This is pretty cool. It’s kind of what I’ve been looking for in a mo-blogging mechanism for a while now. Unfortunately, it’s for MT 4.x. Means I’d have to upgrade to get it.
Six Apart – News and Events: Yahoo! Fire Eagle for Movable Type

…Yahoo!’s Fire Eagle service, which is simple, privacy-aware, and most importantly, is now hooked in to Movable Type, using the new Fire Eagle plugin for MT. This makes my MT profile location-aware: I can add a map of my current location; changes to my location are added to my Action Stream; and other MT plugins can build off of the location to provide additional location-sensitive features. You can see it in action — combined with the Action Stream plugin — on David’s site.
Another interesting aspect of the Fire Eagle API is that it uses the new OAuth standard for all API requests. We’ve written about OAuth in the past and are really excited to see Yahoo! supporting it. To help do our part in the adoption of this open standard, we’ll be shipping the Perl OAuth library with the next release of Movable Type so that no plugin developer needs to worry if they’ll be able to develop atop OAuth with MT.

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